The retail Revolution

“In the next five years, consumers will continue to spend offline, but, because the online shopping will continue to grow, retailers will have to combine both the experiences, digitally on line and physically in the store to generate maximum profits.
Resellers with a strong digital offering will increase sales over the next five years. Although the crisis has accelerated the adoption of digital and online sales are growing, it is expected that in 2024 the majority of purchases will still made offline (78% compared with 22% of online purchases) “

The Future of Retail by Pablo Pérez, Georgie Altman / September 2020

The pandemic has acted as a compressor limiting the physical carrying out of our lives and has brought out in all possible ways the value of the “online” as a means of escape and contact, but it will be precisely within its end that the expansion and relaunch of the desire for physical experience, for socialization, for the re-appropriation of spaces and places will be generated.

However, the needs of consumers will no longer be the same as before, they will return to the store but will inevitably be transformed and not only for a theme related to hygiene, which in some way has already been overcome, but because we will all need to be more involved and we will appreciate more those brands that will be able to give a new meaning to the customer journey.