Safety and well-being in the workplace

“We find it extraordinary that this tragedy for humans is actually a tragedy only for mankind and not for the earth … all pollution factors, the ozone hole in Antarctica, the climate, seem resolved, as well as a amount of social problems, thefts, robberies, drugs, prostitution, road accidents, looks no longer exist. Everything has gone out”

(E.Caniggia, QI, 04.2020).

COVID-19: “The world has gone out, desert cities, desert factories, desert offices, closed airports”.
Upon awakening the cities are the same, the factories the same, the offices the same, but it will not be a simple ON / OFF. After the lockdown, people and businesses will no longer be the same.
In the mind of this generation the memory of the Phobia will always remain. Those who want to keep up with the times know with certainty that they must adapt today, and innovate immediately, the spatial offer of offices, retail, banks, stations, airports. Because after the lockdown individuals will recognize those spaces as unrelated, scattered with elements that activate the memory of the experience of fear lived, optimized open spaces, very small meeting rooms, unique or too narrow paths, claustrophobic entrances, environments crowded with unknown people .. Any perceptive solicitation that preserves the memory of this negative experience will only worsen psychological conditions that are already at the limit.
Companies must face the high risk of a drop in productivity, as well as the exasperation of tensions in the already difficult relationship between companies and employees, between the state and citizens.
The new paradigm will become Taking Care of Yourself.